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The Ballad of the Forresters


Game of Thrones

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From ice, from ice, we Forresters born
To ice we all return.
Father, brother, I've sworn, I've sworn
To guard this rest you've earned.
And kings, and queens melt down their crowns - 
pyre on Aegon's hair.
And flote of gold I pray they drop
For all the blood they spilled.
Men sound a horn of winters past - 
Call starving giants forth,
Urge cannibals to break their fast
on wardens of the North!
Eastern mages, empty the veins
of beasts accross the sea,
Paint Slaver's bay in crimson rains
To bring Ethan back to me!
Snow grabbed me from my mother's grasp
To claim me as his prize,
Ethan freed me from Ramsay's clasp - 
The rival lords locked eyes!
The rival lords locked eyes!
Fight on, fight on, Ethan the Brave,
Old gods bare steel with you!
Our lord, my twin, a hero's grave,
So iron grows anew!
Still iron grows anew!
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