Each and Every One


Everything But the Girl

жанры: lounge, chillout, 80s
альбомы: Like the Deserts Miss the Rain, The Best of Everything But The Girl
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 4.6 / 556 просмотров
If you ever feel the time
To drop me a loving line
Maybe you should just think twice
I don't wait around on your adviceYou tell me I can go this far oh, but no more
Try to show me heaven and then slam the door
You offer shelter at a price much too dear
And your kind of love's the kind that soon disappearsSo don't brag how you have changed
And everything's been rearranged
I thought all that was over and done
But I still get the same from each and everyoneBeing kind is just a way to keep me under your thumb
And I can cry because that's something we've always done
You tell me I'm free of the past now and all those lies
Then offer me the same thing in a different guise
Это интересно:Everything but the Girl — британский дуэт, образованный в городе Халле (Kingston upon Hull) в 1982 году вокалисткой и гитаристкой Трейси Торн (англ. Tracey Thorn; род. 26 сент. 1962 г.) и музыкантом, композитором и вокалистом Бэном Уоттом (англ. Ben Watt; род. 6 дек. 1962 г.). Всемирная известность к дуэту пришла после того, как американский электронный музыкант, ди-джей и продюсер Тод Терри (англ. - Todd Terry)... продолжение
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