Birds Without Wings


David Gray

жанры: singer-songwriter, acoustic, beautiful
альбомы: A Century Ends, Shine: The Best Of The Early Years, The EP's 92-94
рейтинг: ★★★★★ / 5.4 / 1350 просмотров
Wishing that something would happen
A change in this place
'Cause Im tearing off the fancy wrapping
Find an empty packageTake for a while
Your trumpet from your lip
Loosen your hold
Loosen your gripOn your old ways
That have fallen out of step
In a changing time
Hoist a new flag, hoist a new flagAngry sun burn down
Judging us all
Guilty of neglect and disrespect
And thinking smallAnd death by boredom
And death by greed
If we cant stop taking
More than we needBut across the fractured landscape
I see the same things tired ideas
Birds without wingsBirds without wings
Birds without wingsAnd these are just thoughts
Of lack luster times
Ive no interest
In excuses you can findLike youve had a hard day
Now youre too tired to care
Now youre too tired to care
Youve had a hard dayWell, across the fractured landscape
I see the same things
Tired ideas broken values
Many with the notion that to share is to loseA hollow people bound by a lack
Of imagination and too much looking back
Without the courage to give a new thing a chance
Grounded by this ignorance(And the cat comes)
Were just
Birds without wings
Birds without wings
Birds without wings
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Это интересно:Появившись на свет в Манчестере в 1968 году, Дэвид Грэй еще школьником переехал с родителями в Уэльс, где и закончил школу, поступив позже в университет Ливерпуля. В студенческие годы начал играть в разных панк-командах и сам писать песни, правда в несколько иной стилистике. Позже переезжает в Лондон, где ему удается заключить контракты с британском лэйблом Hut Records и американским Caroline, и... продолжение
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